Many of you may know that my sister is recovering in the hospital this week from, as far as I'm concerned, a terrifying brain surgery of epic proportions. Thus, the absence of pictures in my blog, as I left town to take care of her the best that I could for a few days. Our theme for this week is entitled "personal treasures." My sister is, indeed, one of the most treasured people in my world. And I have been reminded of just how precious she is to me, just how much we take for granted, and just how lost I would be without her.

Alas, she would not allow me to take a picture of HER because she feels Beetlejuice could be her twin these days. She wouldn't even allow me to take a picture of her catheter bag. Brain surgery, apparently, takes the humour right out of a person. But I did find this picture from this past Thanksgiving. She sits right alongside one of my other most treasured people, and somebody else I would feel completely lost without - my daughter.

Theme: Personal Treasures


  1. Great picture Taegan!
    I hope she continues down her road of recovery and is back to herself ASAP!
    She is lucky to have you :)

  2. Aww, I love this picture and your narrative made me cry, Jinx!! So awesome. I need a sister.

  3. Great picture and message. Sending all my fast recovery vibes for your sister.

  4. your favorite gurls are beautiful, Jinx.

  5. Great pic Jinxie! Continued P & PT for your sister as she recovers!! (((hugs)))!