Gurls, Gurls, Gurls!

I had the greatest.time.ever with some of my peachy gurls over the weekend!!!!!!  We did all of the typical gurlie things.  

We shopped for feathery head . . thingies.

We took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other taking pictures.

We shopped for $100 dresses that might have had enough fabric in them to cover my left boob.

We stood in front of noisy water.  No, I'm not pregnant, I just enjoy sporting that style.  Maybe I'll start a trend.

We giggled at nekkid statues.

We shopped for brilliantly large glasses.

We snarfed down fabulous food . . and I won't name any names, but SOMEbody around here just PRETENDED to know what to do with those chopsticks - with a less-than-glamorous result. (WhaddayaMEAN you can't STAB it???)

We shopped for bling.

Sometimes we were a little naughty.  (Hush - it was just "sometimes.")

We shopped for THE most exciting measuring spoons EVARRRRR.

We let the truth finally come out.

And so we shopped for repentance.

We danced.

We shopped for fearsome fuzzy flamingos.

We piled our hotel room with goodies and pigged out.

We peeked shopped even more.

We wore adorable socks.  Well okay, so only one of us did.

We shopped for breast enhancers.

We met even MORE peachy gurlies!!!!  I'm the one in back having a horrid hair day who looks drunk and a little nauseated.  I don't know what to say for myself.  I was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of estrogen in the room, I think.  Not to mention that I hadn't recovered from all of that shopping.  Have I mentioned that . . . I don't  much like shopping?  Okay, so I normally loathe it.  But with my peachy gurls, it was actually . . . fun.  Please don't tell my daughter I said so.

And we partied.

Until we pooped out.


  1. This is just about the most hilarious post I've read in a loooong time, and boy did I need it!!! FUN stuff with the color; I gotta learn how to do that. I can do a little but not so nicely as you do.

    They all made me laugh, but the facial expressions with both of the books is just priiiiiiceless!

  2. You, my friend are TALENTED!