Fresh and determined, a sprout breaks through
From the dull grey sea - a glint of amber reflection.
Across the dark earth, more and more splashes of colour spring forth

Hiding under shadows, feeling meek and shy
A glimpse of white, a blush of pink, flirting with the sky

I stand, head a-whirl
With the thoughts of a girl
Hold fast to her name
She’s gone -
Dare I remain?

Through heartbreak heavy and thick with the sorrow of times yet spent
A slow and steady trickle of peace seeps, undetected
And breaks through

Revealing emotions
Buried under shadows and hidden from the sky.
A glimpse of grin, a peek of hope, an answer to my “why.”

I stand, alone
With my face toward the sun
Grasping warmth, gasping air
I’m here –
With my life to share.


  1. Beautiful once again. You will never be standing alone. <3<3

  2. You can't label this "bad poetry"!! Because it isn't! You are fab, fab, fab-you-lous! I also love it!