This week's picture theme was "landscapes."  One thing I'll give you about living in the country - the view is gorgeous.  It couldn't be better if it was dipped in chocolate and served on a silver platter.


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  2. Theme as in... Pioneer Woman's theme? Because if that's not what you're talking about, then that is really strange. PW does that photo theme submission thing on Flickr. These are the pictures I submitted. I took them while I was in Switzerland.


    You're making me jealous - I wish I lived out in the country! Soon... some day in the near (few years?) future!

  3. Great pictures! Makes me yearn for country life.

  4. Jessica - Actually, it's a theme created by the friend who challenged me to take a picture a day. The calendar is under the "scheme" tab. But now I want to look into PW! The Switzerland pics are insane! And YOU'RE jealous?!!!

    Tamara, thank you so much!!!!!! Unfortunately, it also comes with insane humidity and bugs that could carry you on their shoulders down the interstate. ::shudder::