20 Things Guaranteed to Give me a Migraine

  1. Consuming raw onions
  2. Consuming too much chocolate
  3. Consuming chocolate-covered raw onions would be very, very bad
  4. A visit from Aunt Flo
  5. Aunt Flo skipping a visit
  6. Cracking my neck
  7. A pain in the neck
  8. A fast-moving thunderstorm
  9. A fast-moving herd of boy (sterous) scouts
  10. Too much cheese
  11. Too much whine
  12. A call from the PTA
  13. A call from the principal
  14. A call from ANYbody in the bishopric
  15. Attempting to understand my 16 yo's chemistry homework
  16. Attempting to understand my 16 yo
  17. A ridiculously long car ride
  18. Crafting
  19. Shopping online
  20. A day-long shopping trip.  ESPECIALLY if it involves ridiculously long car rides and craft stores. ::shudder::


  1. Great list.

    There goes the big case of chocolate covered raw onions Dawn and I were planning to send you ...

  2. Well, shoot. I bet it was dark chocolate and everything.

  3. It was! And there was a neat little do-it-yourself craft kit enclosed.

    Sigh ...