Not such a fun day, no.  Guy's back is out.  Waaay out.  He has a history of these issues and, as he said today, "this is getting old."  It was old twenty years ago.

It kind of makes me glad that all of my issues are in my head.

He's finally resting after a wheefun trip to the clinic.  It's quite a traumatic experience to ride in a car with me under the best of circumstances - pure hell to ride with me when every movement feels like your insides are ripping to tiny shreds and rolling up into a taquito.  (At least, that's how I imagine it is.  Surely it is.)  The man can endure a freakish amount of pain, but enough already!

Hopefully the meds will stop the spasms and he can have a relatively pain-free weekend.  At the least, I hope they'll dope him up enough that he won't care what condition he's in.

In the meantime, here's my brilliant teenager who is smarter than me and knows it.  I don't stand a chance.

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