Sunny With a Chance of Freezing Your Tush Off

Today was deceptively bright and sunny.  See how inviting my hammock looks?

Kinda proud of that little pic just because for the first time in . . . well ever, actually . . . I am pretty satisfied WITHOUT making any photoshoppish changes.

Couldn't help myself with this one, though:

So, yes . . bright and sunny and freakin' cold with more to come tomorrow.  I can't complain, though, as we've had quite the Indian Summer.  It won't be TOO long before I get back to my hammock, right?


Only two days into the new year and I must say that I'm loving the whole "season of change and endless possibilities."  The feeling in our house has improved dramatically as a result of the resolutions we've made.  I hope we can keep it up!  Because I want my home to really be a warm and loving place . . . . not to just appear as if it is.

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