Today has NOT been laid back and restful.  Today we ran:

We ran allllll over town.  Remember those old Family Circus comics when Billy ran all over the neighborhood to get from point "A" to point "B?"  Yeah, it was like that.

It was busy, but not stressful.

I keep thinking about how stress-free in general my life is right now.  How in the world did THAT happen?  A year ago, I stressed over anything and everything.  (Really . . . everything.  I could turn shoelaces into a nightmarish fiasco.)  And now I realize how amazing it is that we have . . well all kinds of things I fear jinxing dare I name them individually.

The new year as well as my birthday makes this my season of self-evaluation.  And as I look over my life right now, I see that it certainly isn't what I strived for once upon a time.  But I do believe it is much better than anything I could have planned for myself.  I am surrounded by love, laughter and stability - what more could I possibly need?  Did I craft my life to be this way?  Was it pure luck?  A little (or lot) of both?

I can't help but wonder what kind of lives my own kids will build for themselves.

Wherever they end up down the timeline, I just hope I am still in their circles of love and laughter.

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