This week's picture theme was "structures." I never did get around to taking any, so I wandered around my yard this afternoon snapping at whatever caught my fancy. Remember this old shed from the snow pics? It intrigues me:

I don't know what is holding this thing together.  I suspect mud nests.  ::shudder::

The more I looked around Jinxieville, the more and more I appreciated that I married a handyman extraordinaire. Whereas I can barely change a lightbulb, he finds it no problem to throw together an entire new ROOM.  He built our back deck almost exclusively by himself:

And he comes up with the greatest ideas from the simplest materials. He took apart an old, broken dog crate and whipped up a swinging gate for the top of the deck stairs to keep our boys safe:

I'm not sure how this project will ultimately turn out. I believe the idea is "cellar." This is what we have, so far:

He dug every inch of that, himself.  I secretly think he just likes to dig as some form of therapy.

This is my favourite backyard structure.


But what I find most impressive by far is what he creates hand in hand with God every year.

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  1. When I was out gardening today, I thought "oh how nice it would be to have a hammock to enjoy this beautiful spring day." Alas... there is no hammock to go with this rental home. I'm jealous! Enjoy it.