Blanket of Hugs

This week's theme involves "notions." Apparently this deals with buttons and ribbons and all kinds of cutesy things I know nothing about. Yes, I am shamefully lacking in the crafty department. But I have FRIENDS who are allll about this. The first that comes to mind was an artsy goddess extraordinaire. She truly was AMAZING. She was the one who helped me put together the Noah's Ark I posted about a while back. I used to visit her house on a weekly basis. I tried my best to glean that artsy gene, but it just didn't happen. At the most, I managed to become passably able to tole paint.

I am lucky enough to be close friends with her firstborn. Cue in the squee! We eat together! We talk together! We play together! Yes, we play . . . who says a grown woman has to stop playing? I am beyond blessed to have an online support system like no other. I don't know what I would do without it. But sometimes, you just gotta reach out and hug somebody in person. I only have a handful of these IRL huggers, and she is one of them. I've known her for fourteen years. Good lord, pass the shawl. Anyway, in the shadow of her mother, she considers herself inferior. BAH, I say. But fine . . if she isn't an artsy goddess, she is for sure a craft queen. She made this for Master Chase three years ago, before he was born:

How freakin' cute is THAT??? A blankie with a border of fun little ribbons. I just love it. She is due next month with a sweet little gurl. I have nothing NEARLY as fun to offer. But I am excited about my store-bought gift, nonetheless. I'll post it just before the shower. (If I remember!) I hope she likes it!! I'll tell you this: It definitely doesn't involve ribbons and lace.

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