Game Central

I now have something I've always wanted:

I'm beginning to think I don't dream big enough.  

I love games.  All kinds of games.  And I'm so happy to have one place to keep them all together, instead of scattering them throughout the house.

"Has anybody seen Life?"
"I think it's under the fish tank."

So now I have it - "Jinxieville Game Central."  And I was so excited, I took pictures and wanted to share the news.  And the first person I wanted to call was my sister.   Nobody else would understand the excitement of such a mundane event.

Bitter irony #1:  The games are on her shelves.  That I wouldn't have gained without the loss of her.

Bitter irony #2:  She was one of the only people who actually PLAYED the games with me.  And she gave me half of the games on the shelves.

Bitter irony #3:  After sorting through her things this past week, I have learned just how insane her life had been, financially.  I knew things were difficult for her in that regard, but I didn't realize that it was utter hell.  I don't know how she was able to keep her family out of the red.  In some areas, she didn't.  She was constantly on thin ice and I can't even IMAGINE the stress. How did she breathe on a day to day basis?  And do you know what?

Despite these HUGE worries hanging over her head, she would have rejoiced with me over the completely inane addition of game shelves.


  1. I wish I could say something to make it better. Because honestly, I know what it's like to feel happy for a split second before feeling like you don't deserve it. I guess these shelves and games can serve as a reminder of the fun you guys had together - through thick and thin. Enjoy it - and stay positive, because I'm sure she wants you to be happy. I have to stop now, because my empathy is on high alert - and I could start crying at any moment. lol.

    Lastly - you're awesome. Don't forget it. <3

  2. I am positive she is excited about the game central too. I know how you feel and I really hope I can hug you in person soon. (Say, maybe the 26th?) Maybe some day I can even come over and play a game with you. :-)