Week in Pictures and Notes to Self

  • An adorable 3 yo at Chuck E. Cheese's will adorably sit in the 3 yo-appropriate section for about 3 adorable minutes.
  • And then he will have had his fill and race off for the big guns.  Literally.

  • A 10 yo can blow through 100 tokens in about 10 minutes.
  • For about a candy bar's worth of tickets.  And the child who registered at the genius level of the perceptual reasoning section of his IQ test will NOT understand the illogical nature of this entire process no matter how many times one tries to explain it to him.
  • Force myself out of the house more often.  I could have stayed home (again) and agonized (again) over where I SHOULD have been and whom I SHOULD have been with on Memorial Day . . . but I didn't.  I was invited, and so I accepted.  It wasn't nearly the same, but it was nice.

  • Beware the sun glare.  From a teen who just returned from a three day trip that morning, and hadn't slept at all the night before.  I got off easy, really.
  • Get over to this house and schmoochschmoochschmooch this baby!  Every day!
  • Wasn't MY little gurl just that small?  And I blinked and now she's already had her last band concert . . . ever.
  • Band picnics are hell.  Maybe it would be better if I actually knew somebody - anybody - beyond the "smile and nod" stage.  I haven't been able to connect with any other high school parents, and my high schooler enters her third year in a few months.  ::clutches heart::  I'm beginning to wonder if we're all just TIRED by the time our kids are in high school?

  •  First boyfriends intent on impressing girlfriend's Daddy come in quite handy.
  • This first boyfriend will probably never know just how freakishly amazing this entire scenario is - taken two days after Daddy discovered he even existed - two weeks before Daddy's little girl is officially allowed to date in the first place.
  • Lucky stinker rat owes me.  She owes me big.
  • Exciting new "big boy" room has been met with approval by one and all.

  • ::Clings to precious baby theme just a little bit longer before getting new curtains and bedding::

  • Watch where you step the first night of a new bed.
  • A blankie can be used as warmth and comfort no matter how big your big boy is getting.
  • It can also aid and abet a big boy who happens to be a mischievous snack thief.
  • Sunday Morning Grumpitis is contagious.
  • A sure antidote for Sunday Grumpitis is a healthy dose of games.
  • And Ice cream for dinner.  Every now and then you just gotta.
  • CAUTION: Ice cream for dinner sometimes causes disturbing side effects.
  • An adorable 3 yo will sit for about 3 hours while being read to.  Again.  And again.  And again.
  • Check out more "butt books" from the library.  Because they're just too funny, that's why.  "Big butts, Mommy!  One, two butts!  Yook!  Yook!  So many butts in the water!!  Oooooooh, shiny butts!"
  • Find a book on "rainbow colour boats."  No, wait!  "Noisy boats!"
  • Houseboats?  "Do these plants make my boat look big?"
  • Yyyyyyeah . . time to go to bed when I start typing stuff like that . . . 

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  1. I love your commentary on each picture. Your kiddos are definitely cute! I miss your face! :)