Hey You

I heard you today.  Your voice ran through my mind as if my brain was teleconnected to the spirit world.  A lazy phone conversation that meandered throughout the entire day.

We commented on how gorgeous the weather was - what a relief after the oppressive, humid heat to have such a brilliant breeze in the clear, sunny air.  I told you about how quickly the day lilies had sprung up - overnight, it seemed.  And how amazing it was to see butterflies fluttering drunkenly from one to the other this morning as I walked right up to them.  

We called them "flutterbyes" as always.  

I told you how excited Chase was that the day lilies were "owanch" - his favourite colour - and that he gingerly picked one.  

I thought it was for me, and prepared to gush over it ... but he couldn't bring himself to give it away and clutched it to himself possessively.  You thought that was really funny and teased me by saying that I was lagging and that I'd better get going on training him like I'd trained my other two.

We talked about our families and how quickly our kids were growing.  We talked about our plans for the summer.  We lamented our complete lack of dinner ideas.  We oohed and ahhed over the various merchandise at the store.  You tried to talk me out of diving in and going nuts with a complete room makeover for Chase.  "What happened to the 'cling to the baby decor just a little bit longer' business?" you reminded me.  But items were on SALE!  How could I pass that up?  You of course understood the call of the sale.  You agreed with my colour choices.  And you talked sense into me when I tried to go over the top.  You guided me to more sale items and pointed out when simpler items would do.

When I returned home, you chided me as I impatiently tore into everything and threw it all together in my excitement.  How could I NOT iron the curtains?  Forcryingoutloud, I needed to IRON THE CURTAINS!  And the bed ruffle!  And wash the sheets, first!  You were scandalized.  You did manage to talk me into making the beds to the best of my ability.  You were very happy with how it all turned out - wrinkles notwithstanding.  

And it pained me, remembering your plans for a nice bedding and curtain set for your littlest that never came to fruition.

Then we cried, realizing that Chase was no longer a baby - and when I suddenly realized that YOU were the one who had bought him the first bedding set, I was despondent.  You told me to pull myself together.  Chase was so happy and excited that it was well worth the change.

You harped on me (you still are) to install that top rail and the ladder on the bunk bed set.  We need to find the bolts!  Can't find them anywhere.  But they'll show up, and as soon as they do . . we'll finish the bed.  I promise.

I shared with you the new meatless meatball recipe that I found in a new cookbook sent to me by a friend.  It was a big hit - even with picky eater Scout.  It's definitely going to be added to my list of "regulars."  We compared meatball recipes.  You teased me about eating "meatless meatballs."  "What's the point?"  And then we snickered and got sidetracked with a discussion using the word "meatballs" in a rather irreverent manner.

I told you how Chase refused to get underneath the covers and insisted on lying on top - using one of his small blankies as his "main" blanket.  You thought that was cute.  But then you worried that he'd get cold during the night.

I also told you about the new game a friend of mine showed me. "Quirkle" it's called.  I picked one up today and we tried it out tonight.  It is SO fun!!!  It would have been perfect for when we got together.

It would have been.


  1. HUGSHUGSHUGS, my dear!!! I love your writing style, but you're making me CRY! :*(

    Love you! XOXO