Phature Notography

I wrote an entire post.  It wasn't hilarious, but I thought it was witty enough.  And just as I attached the last picture, by some stunning skill of mine, I deleted everything BUT that last picture.  I'm amazing.

I'm too tired to try to remember everything I said.  But I refuse to give up and not post at all - I don't blog enough as it is.  My problem is that I assume everything has to be perfect, or even decent.  So instead of settling for "less than my best" I don't blog at all.  What the heck is that about?  I need to just DO it!  Get it OUT there!  Who is this blog for, anyway?  My three readers?  Or ME?

So just know that today is "Nature Photography Day."  Know that today's weather was the FREAK.  And know that I took some pics.

Like these:


  1. Next time that happens press ctrl+z - it's the combination for undo. Bummer though, I completely know the feeling, and I'm proud of your for powering through!

  2. Thank you!!! I didn't try Ctrl Z, but the "undo" on the edit bar wasn't working. It's good to know of an alternative for the future!

    I decree it shall never happen again, though. No it shall not.

  3. Love the pictures and the post was perfect :-)