So much to say.
So very behind.

Big news:  I couldn't BE more excited to have added to our family:

We've had holidays.  We've had birthdays.  We've had HOOGE life-changing events.

And have I blogged?  No.  And why?

1. I feel intimidated and woefully inadequate compared to the brilliantly awesome skeellz of the other blogs I've been reading.

2. I am frustrated with my lack of photoshop and good photography equipment.

3. Did I mention my serious ineptitude compared to other bloggers?

BUT . . I yet AGAIN need to remind myself just who I'm blogging FOR.

Yes, folks, it really is all about ME.

Somehow, I always suspected as much.


  1. And me! Don't forget about me!

  2. I have that problem too, comparing myself to others. But then you have to remember, there will always be people better than you... but there are always people who are worse than you too.

    I enjoy reading your blog! :)

  3. I enjoy reading your blog because I it is coming from YOU. Please don't change a thing!!

  4. "it's all about me" I love it!! BTW I really like ready your blogs!

  5. As a fellow blogger, I can relate to your feelings...I've had them too. But it really is all about you and what you want your blog to be. I don't see any ineptitude and never even noticed your lack of Photoshop (I don't have it either.)

    I have noticed how entertaining your blog is and how much I love to see the pictures and read all of the adventures of your family!

    I also agree with ekendron....because it is your story in your words and pictures it is a joy to read :-)