Love Tastes Like Butter

Scout proudly sauntered into the bedroom this morning carting a tray laden with all manner of breakfasty goodness.  He said, "this was made with EXTRA love, Mommy!"  I nibbled and said, "Yes, I can taste it!"  So now I know.  Love tastes like butter.

I didn't know what it tasted like, but I've seen it all week.

In Scout's pride and honour:

In Chase's comfort:

(Who knew a blankie could also serve as a loin cloth in a pinch?)

In slave labour service:

In brotherly bonding:

Even in Heavenly Father's smallest creations:

And maybe sometimes love tastes more like ice cream than butter.  Especially if it's the first ice cream cone eaten in one's lifetime:

So even though I've been dreading Mothers' Day for many reasons . . . I couldn't doubt the love in my home.  And my family pulled through.  They bestowed me with a few treasures:

(All I can see is "Island Getaway" and I eagerly await the tickets.)

They cooked for me, they cleaned for me.  They worked as hard as possible to get along with each other and not get any blood on the carpet.

And when Mr. Mister attempted to wake me for church, he accepted without judgment or argument that I simply did NOT wish to go, and that was that.  Not today.  Not on Mothers' Day.  Not on the annual guilt-laden religious reminder that I never had an ideal mother and will never be one.  And not when I am wracked with sadness and concern for my sister's children, who are experiencing their very first mother-less Mothers' Day today.  I  know how that is and it's horrid.

And so I was able to sleep luxurious sleep, and forget for that much longer that it is Mothers' Day at all.

THAT, my friends, is love.


  1. Jinx my friend, I had NO idea you had a blog. Still love you, dearie. Have you ever read mine? http://www.thefellows.blogspot.com

  2. More buttery flavored ice cream love coming at you!! And stop making me cry, dammit.

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  4. I love you! You are so awesome. I'd like to be like you when I grow up someday. Miss you.

  5. I hope today was a peaceful day for you and your family. And that pic of Sweet Chase looking out the window w/his 'loin cloth' is awesome!

  6. Happy Mother's Day! You are the coolest mom on the block.. and considering you live out in the boonies... a block is really big. ;)

  7. Wow! This post gave me goosebumps.

  8. Not quite sure what an "ideal" mother is, but I do know that you are a GREAT one.