Notes to Self and Lessons Learned This Week

  • Strawberry-topped blueberry waffles are heavenly.

  • Strawberry-topped blueberry waffles splattered majestically all over the floor beside the computer desk are a tragedy.
  • The dogs will not eat the strawberry topping from strawberry-topped blueberry waffles.
  • Strawberry topping will not, will NOT come out of carpeting.
  • Think of a good explanation for the massacre that surely took place right here at my feet.
  • Eating at the computer is dangerous bidness.
  • When my child wakes up from his nap and brings me his bagged soiled diaper in one hand and a fresh one in the other - it's probably time to consider potty training.
  • Cheese that has become too brown (read that: black) in the oven can be covered by more cheese and served to hapless missionaries - and they will actually wolf it down.

  • Missionaries really WILL eat anything.
  • Although now that I think about it, they later tried to set my middle child on fire.  "Object lesson in faith" they called it.  I'm thinking they were really trying to sacrifice him in some bizarre "vengeance from the burnt cheese" missionary ritual.
  • Squirrels will eat anything, too.
  • If you sit still long enough while at a picnic in the park, they'll sit on your lap and tell you their squirrelly woes.

  • Or maybe they'll just scootch up beside you and swipe a cracker or two.
  • The "ideal thermostat temperature" will feel FREEZING when you're outdoors on a cloudy day and a chilly wind is involved.  Oops.
  • Kids are completely oblivious to cold when a playground is involved.

  • There's nothing quite so cute as two little men looking like two little old men.

  • When you're three, there's no hurt a bandaid can't heal.

  • Irony rawks.

  • When you're running late, poo shoe happens.
  • In a pinch, no-wax floor cleaner will work to clean a poo shoe.
  • I'll never get tired of the facial expressions exhibited by a deep-thinking three year-old.  Never.

  • I now have proof of just how mentally damaging video games can be.

  • Send out a search and rescue for the teenage gurly of the house.  I swear there's one around here, somewhere.  I haven't seemed to really catch her in ages.

  • I wonder if I could lure her to the kitchen table with strawberry-topped blueberry waffles?


    1. I haven't seen much of the teens in this house either. I think it might have something to do with Tom setting up the wireless on Kate's school laptop.

      Good life lessons. I'll remember that about strawberry topping and carpets. And also the poo shoes.

    2. I'm a fan. I'm a big fan of yours!

    3. Oxi-clean. It gets EVERYTHING out of the carpet. Even stains that have been sitting there for months. Umm... look at this picture.