True Colours

Can you beat this?  I mean really?

I truly, truly enjoy having another gurly in the house!  I braced myself - thinking the constant reminder of my sister would rip open the wound of her loss day after day.  But I am STUNNED to find the exact opposite to be true.  I feel more HEALED with the reminder.  I feel like a part of my sister has returned to me.  And I LOVE that we talk about her openly and freely - remembering and laughing - as naturally as we talk about the weather, shopping and the insanity of boyz.

And my "newest addition" is such a joy!!  I shall dub her Sprout and she shall be my Sprout and Sprout she shall henceforth be called.  I hope she's as happy here as we're happy to have her here.

So . . .  we're clinging to summer as long as possible.  ::clingclingclinnnnnnnnnng::  We don't begin school until after Labour Day.  But, as happens every year, once the second week of August hits, I start to feel that "back to school excitement" creeping in.  I think about meeting the new teachers - the fresh page of the new year - my "autumn resolutions," etc.  I'm particularly nervous about how I will handle this year because I'm sending off a student to preschool, elementary, middle AND high school.

::ups her meds::

Chase, I'm thinking, will most likely be expelled after a week or so.  See, he's supposed to be a peer MODEL in the reverse mainstreaming program.  He's supposed to TEACH many of the other students by example.  One of the biggest things he's supposed to "model" is that it's a fabulous, fun, woo-frickin-hoo thing to be out of diapers and going to the "big kid" bathroom.  More fun than Chuck E. Cheese!  Alas, however, Chase is ::looks around and whispers:: a panty pooper.  He will.not do the doody in the spelunker no matter WHAT you say or do or try to bribe him with.  I might or might not have resorted to blackmail. I ain't sayin'.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Even desperate measures won't work on a poo-potty paranoid preschooler, however.

Perhaps he can charm and distract them all with his purtified painted piggies?


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  1. Wow, four kids and four different schools?! That's gonna be a crazy year! Good luck with your panty pooper. lol. Hope it doesn't last too long!