What I Did This Summer.

The consensus is in:  This truly has been the shortest.summer.evarrrrrrr.  What the heck?  It's GAWN???  ::looks around for the rest of it::  You know when you're happily horking down a candy bar and you have that "I have three more bites" feeling, and then you look down and just have the wrapper left in your hands?  Yeah . . . it's like that.

We're thinking it might be due to the fact that we really didn't do, well . . .  ANYthing.  No beach, no big trip, not even a visit to an amusement park.  I sat here and began to get the "I am ruining my children and depriving them of their right to a proper childhood of sandy beach summers or at the very least, the right to FUN" when I scanned back through the summer pictures.  Ahhhh, the proof is in the summer pudding.  As "short and simple" as our summer might have been, we DID have fun!!

We watched in awe as baby cardinals grew in their nest.

We hung around the park.  Literally.

We contemplated the pool.

And finally ventured in.

My gurl turned sweet sixteen.

We had a fiesta!

We played in The Bean Box.  EVERYBODY needs a Bean Box.

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.

And of course there's always the good ole' Block Box.

If you build a nice enough castle, you can move in.

We went to boot camp.

We picked tomatoes.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of tomatoes.

We tie dyed.

There is, of course, much I didn't capture in pictures.  The great goop incident, for one.  Imagine a huge bowl of cornstarch and water, and five adventurous children.  It was quite a sight.  These same children (the fifth is Scout's best friend) decided one afternoon to blow marshmallows up in the microwave.  It was at this time when I realized that they were truly ready to go back to school.  There were movies (both watching and creating), "playdates," trips to the mall, birthday parties, digging in the zombie apocalypse shelter (another post for another time) putting together a gurly room for a gurly gurl, family gatherings, etc.  And one rather prominent event that stood . . . er "sat" . . . in the background of the entire summer:

Alas, it proved FAIL.  But it will happen.  Some day . . . . it will happen.  I was feeling hurried and stressed thinking he had to be completely "trained" by the beginning of school, but I have since learned that his teacher is an angel and will work with him no matter how long it takes.  ::relief, relief relief::  

I might or might not have intended that pun.  I ain't sayin'.

So . . . for the most part, this summer:

We were sweet.

We were silly.

And we were sleepy.


  1. I wish my summer had been that great!! Or, if it was, I wish I had captured it all the way you did. You are soo good at writing. I LOVE your blog!

  2. Glad you had a great summer! I hope we can get together soon.