Autumn Resolutions

Ah, yes, it's that time of year.  January never did it for me when it came to motivating myself for change.  How could I even think of improving myself when I've just clawed my way through the most stressful holiday of the year and feel lucky enough to have survived at all?  January motivates me to SLEEP is what it does.  Until May.

September, on the other hand . . SEPTEMBER motivates me to WAKE UP!  And, yes . . . to change.  The kids have been been evicted from the house return to their glorious education, the schedules start snapping into place . . THAT'S the time to start assessing my life and to figure out just how I'm going to go about conquering the universe.  (Every Tuesday from 10-11:30.)

This is a big year, for me.  My youngest little Muffin will attend preschool, leaving most mornings free.  I envisioned leisure walks, time spent puttering around the library, racing back home to flop back into BED for three hours, leveling to 5,784 on Runescape, etc.  But as with any empty void, it MUST be filled up. WWWWHHHHOOOOOOSHHHHH.  It's just a shame it can't clean my floors, too.

I will admit that WORTHWHILE activities are getting sucked into this time vacuum.  I'm just shocked at how quickly it took to fill.  I'm already at the mercy of the high school band, so that's a given.  They own the rights to my soul, I believe.  They keep it above the trophy case in the back of the auditorium.  So, this is what I predict for a standard week.  This is how I'd LIKE to see things, actually.  It's improvement.  And improvement hurts, but it's good.

Monday: Long walk, Errands
Tuesday: Short walk, Church Class
Wednesday: Short walk, Volunteer middle school
Thursday: Short walk, Volunteer elementary school
Friday: Just TRY to get me to leave my house before 5 PM
Saturday: Sleep.All.Day

Okay, typed out like that, I just look like a big baby whina'.  Which, of course .. we already know that I am.  Just remember that this is a whoooole lot of interacting for somebody with a phobia for such things.  It's gonna be hell.  But . . . surely I can do it.  IKINDEWITTT!

::hides under the desk::

So I have my daily little improvements I'd like to make, such as the walking, as you see.  I'd also like to have a morning devotional because, as much as I hate to admit it. . . I do TRY to be spiritual.  TRY.  Sometimes.  I figure just trying to keep up with the church class should, at the least, help me know WHAT to read.  And I'll pray, of course.  I'll pray that I'll know what in the world they're talking about in that church class.

These activities are, for the record, only three hours in the morning and don't include, say - cooking, cleaning, juggling doctor appointments, potty training hell, chauffeuring the kids all over creation, dealing with teenage drama, helping with homework or solving world hunger.

I have some family resolutions, too.  My firstborn reallyreallyreally wants to see us walking as a family. My feet are going to fall off.  I'd prefer to see OTHER body parts fall off.  My bum, for one.  Or would that count as two?  I'm not sure how this will actually work with school taking up an insane amount of time and homework coming into play, but we'll at least give it a try!  Also, we've managed to pull off the "Sunday Unplugged" a few times, and I lurve it.  No TV, no computer, no video games, no texting for just one day a week.  It's agony, but I can really feel a difference in the home.  So our family resolutions and autumn agenda looks like this:

Sunday:  Unplugged, "Family Home Evening" (Time spent doing a family activity together.)  (Kind of unavoidable when we're all "unplugged.")
Monday:  Family Walk
Tuesday:  Just TRY to get me out of the house after 5 PM
Wednesday:  Scouts / Youth group
Thursday:  Family Walk
Friday:  It's allll about the BAND
Saturday:  Sleep.All.Day

So . . . that should about do it!  ::rubs hands together::  ::rubs feet::  Bring it on!


  1. bum = 2.

    I love the fall, and think it is the perfect time to get motived. You don't have crazy weather to excuse laziness. lol. I do that. "I can't go to the store because it's rainging/snowing/hailing/100 degrees outside. Sorry dear."

    Fall has the best weather.