First Signs of Autumn.

Autumn is most definitely HERE!  Foodage galore:  cider, popcorn, doughnuts, caramel apples, candy . . . bring it awwwwn.

And then the things that can't be horked down in record time:  bonfires, flaming leaves that'll knock your socks off, decorations, costumes, dancing and . . . did I mention the hot cider?

We here in Jinxieville have more traditions associated with Autumn than we do with Christmas.  We have priorities, you see.  The birth of Jesus is a wonderful thing - and I'm ever-so-grateful.  But a spooky night filled with grim grinning ghosts and the opportunity to throw myself into a crazy costume and charge around our church parking lot screaming "OOGABOOGAH!!!" without getting arrested?  The whole manger scene just can't compare.

Caramel apples.  Caramel apples rawwwk.  They're messy (A full-body experience, really) and a beast to eat - but soso fun to make and gorge on.

Sprout had never made so much as ONE caramel apple before.  I'm not sure how Hallowe'en has even been happening in her life.  Does it still come around without making caramel apples?

I think Scout was trying to see the future in the caramel ooze.

Chase was too young to participate last year so this was his first time, too.  He was allll about the drumsticks.  Thrilled, even!  And appalled when he realized that we wanted him to cram them into APPLES of all things.

But he immediately loved the idea of "fruit on a stick."  He was horrified all over again that we wanted him to plunk it into the freaky-looking brown oozy shtuff.

But a good time was had by all.  Until the deliciously torturous affair of EATING the beastly things.

  NOTE:  I have pics of my firstborn who fully participated in this event . . . but she naturally decided to wear nothing but a bra, undies and an autumn printed blanket.  Oh stop snickering.  Just you wait until YOU have a teenager.  Don't judge me.

And then of course there's the scarecrow.  This is actually something Chase did with his playgroup last year and we lurved it!  So we signed up to do it again this year:

He of course had more fun playing than actually working on "his" scarecrow.

 He finally cooperated and had a grand ole time drawing a face and stuffing newspapers into a "donk-donk."  And then when we set them all up, he realized just how freaky these things were and felt weirded out.  He wouldn't touch them.  No, not so much as a fingertip.

The entire ordeal wore him out, so he had to recharge with a schnack and ponder the mysteries of it all.

He felt better about things once we brought it home and he proudly named him . .  ."Frog."

All daddies surely come home from work and immediately hop onto the tractor and cart kids around on a hayless hayride?

So here we are!  Note the terrifying scream figurine imprisoned in Duplos and set atop the bird cage.  ALL families do this?  Right?  Right?

Two weeks to go!!  Two weeks filled with food, friends, fall foliage and freaky fun.


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