Last Glimpse of Summer

Ah, it's happening.  Autumn has finally drowned out the oppressive heat of summer.  (Literally - I'm about to break out the inner-tubes.)  The air has the woodsmoky promise of chillier days to come, plastic pumpkins have sprouted about the house and we're plotting our costumes for the candy heist of the century.  Summer is gawngawngawn.

But I'm not quite ready to let go, yet.  It was just a few DAYS ago, after all, when we were stewing in our sweat and shaking our fists at the oppressive injustice of pools closing so "ridiculously early."

And even though autumn is my absolute favourite time of year - the food, the traditions, the FOOD, the chilly-aired FUN of it all - I find myself really clinging to summer's images just a little while longer.  Ones like these:

If this isn't the face of fun, I don't know what is.  We went to the park.  He found the dirt.  Boy did he ever.

The cookie game.  You haven't lived until you've played the cookie game.  One cookie.  One mouth.  Get it from your forehead to your tummy - oh, and no touchy.  Hilarity, I tell you.  If you do it right (or with assistance from the merciful) you get a prize:

If you get it WRONG, you get an eye full of crumbly cookie bits.

I recommend Oreos for this game.  Not so ouch.

If you look verrrrrry carefully, you'll see a fwee-yo cleverly hidden in the foliage:

As I look through all of these pictures of SEPARATE EVENTS on different days . . . Chase, especially, always seems to be wearing the same shirt.  We MADE that tie dye!  We're PROUD of it, by golly!  So we'll wear it for the entire month of September, thankyouverymuch!

Ah, yes, an end of summer bonfire.  Gotta have that!  Be sure you investigate the wood carefully.

Light 'em up with . . um . . flares?

The girls were skeptical.


Was there a real purpose to this poking?  Or was this just an urge?

I can't imagine who we will be by next summer.  But I look forward to the year of discovery.

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