For the past few years, we painted pumpkins.  I like paint.  Paint is more creative.  
Paint allows for individuality.  Paint is EASY.  
But this year, I thought I'd dive back into the carving club.

Chase was all a-go.

And that's the last I saw of Chase concerning "his" pumpkin. 

Scout dove right in.

You might not know this by now . . . 
but Scout is all about dramatic effect with the pics I take of him.

He was QUITE happy with how his "Bonehead" turned out.

This was the first time for both Scout and Sprout to carve their own pumpkins.  
I am pleased (oh boy am I pleased) to say that they truly did do it on their own, 
past my help in scraping the insides out a bit.

How perfectly perfect that Sprout's pumpkin was full of . . . SPROUTS!

It's almost scary how perfect hers was.  She's so careful about things, it blows me away.  
See "Chase's" pumpkin behind hers?  With the flamey-like eyes?  
Yeah, I think I broke about five pieces off of those flippin flamey eyes.  
Who came up with the idea for flamey eyes?   Flamey eyes are NOT FUN!  
And neither of those middlins made a single mistake. 
Sprout's was freakishly smooth and, well . . . I don't think it could have BEEN more perfect.  
Maybe she'll be a surgeon some day.  Wouldn't that be something.

So, remember the pumpkin patch?  
I picked out a freaky, bumpy one for Vee, knowing she'd love the uniqueness of it.  
And she did!  
UNTIL she found out that those freaky bumpy pumpkins have an INSANELY thick skin.  
She struggled over that thing for more than an hour and got NOWHERE with it, 
past scooping it out and making a bunch of scratches.  It was so frustrating!  
So we agreed to STAB that brute for the pure injustice of it all.  
Freaky bumpy pumpkin MUST BE PUNISHED.

So while she was at a school event, I whipped out the power tools 
and DRILLED that blighter.

And then I slapped a freaky face on it with my paints.  
And of course . . there was the stabbing.    Quite satisfactory, that.

 I brought it inside for our Church's Fall Festival, and lo and behold .  . . it WON!

 Stoopid freaky, bumpy pumpkin with insanely thick skin.

Scout felt it needed a little something after we returned home:


  1. How fun!! They were all fabulous.

  2. Love the pics! What a fabulous Halloween!!!
    That pumpkin is awesome as well!