Ah, yes, Hallowe'en has arrived.  
We actually had our main celebration last night at a church "Trunk-n-Treat" 
and spent today sipping hot cider, grazing on snacks and watching "scary" movies.  
(Such as "Casper" and "Corpse Bride."  That's about as much film fear as I can handle.)

I worried . . . indeed I did worry . . . as my three year old has decided to contradict . . well . . everything.

"You're tired."
"I NOT tiyered!"
"Why are you so grumpy?"
"I NOT gwumpie!"
"Let's get you something to eat, I think you might be hungry."
"I NOT hungwie!"
"You're just contradicting everything I say."
"I NOT .... what you say!"
"Well then, what are you?"
"I NOT are you!"

And he has decided to be uber-picky about the clothing I put on him.  Lord help us all.  
So I just knew that trying to get him into a costume would prove tricky.  
And lo and behold, this is what I faced allll morning as I tried to convince him that
 little Army men SURELY get more candy than any other costume.  
The biggest irony being that this is how he was when I tried to get him INTO 
that cute little Halloweenie shirt he was throwing such a fit about having to take OFF.

But I finally managed to bribe convince him that wearing a costume is the best.idea.evarr.  Or at least, I convinced him to . . okay, I didn't really convince him of anything - 
he fought me the entire time.  
Have you ever tried putting pants on a child who is thrashing around wildly 
and kicking and screaming?  
It isn't easy.

But, I am BIGGER than he is, so I WON.  (This time.)
He scrambled away and hid himself, overcome by the shame of it all.

Yeah, that's the face of suffering right there.

He played a different tune once we got to the church, though, and he saw 
everybody ELSE in costumes, running amok and playing games and eating and such.

(See those legs?  Those are the legs of my bishop - who dressed up like Fred Flintstone.  
I about died when I saw him, because I've been saying for a year, now, 
that he looks just like him!  
I didn't think HE knew it, though!)

Chase knew allll about cake walking from the school carnival just a few days prior.

The taste of victory!

They saw he was a little guy and brought him waaaay forward 
to throw the beanbags into the monster mouth.  
He of course pitched every one of them into the top with no problem.  
He might have made it from the original standpoint.  He amazes me with that arm.

Scout was a, erm . . . "crazy Mexican guy."  Surely this isn't politically correct.  
He thought of it, himself, and wasn't making a statement referring to current events . . 
I promise!

Sprout was the PERFECT Wednesday Addams!!  
She has the face and body for it, and everything.

And the judges agreed!!  She won first place!

And then there was my mobster.

Who has teamed up with the Ice Queen.

Narnia doesn't stand a chance.

Finally, the time arrived for the Trunk n Treat OUTSIDE the building!  The main event!
I was shocked when a few weeks ago Mr. Mann suggested 
decorating our trailer instead of our trunk.
It almost didn't work out, but he pulled through.  Boy did he ever!
The pictures don't do it a bit of justice.  
We had strobe lights, a fog machine, Halloween music, etc.
The kids were over the moon.

Setting it up as the sun goes down.

Taking home the loot.  I would venture to say that they were pleased.
Checking the ingredients?

The dog looks guilty before she's even stolen any.

Sugar coma.

BE WARNED:  All of this candy can have some pretty severe side effects.

One of the goodies we grazed upon today are Witch Hat cookies.  
See how well they turned out?

Want to know WHY they turned out so well?  Because Sprout did them.  
I attempted ONE and it was a disaster.  It truly was.  
She politely asked if she could have a go, and here are the results.  
I've never known anybody so careful and precise.  
They would have looked even better with orange or purple icing . . . but I'll take 'em!

Now for the REAL frights and terrors:
It is officially The Holiday Season.

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  1. We went to walmart on halloween... mostly because of my ridiculous need to prove that the christmas stuff was out already! Hmm... I love Christmas time!