A Few Reasons Why I Love My Boyz

They're groovy.

Yes, this boy, too.

They're outdoorsy.

They're stylin'.

They know what they like.  And don't like.
(Traumatized by wearing a beanie for the first time this season.)

They're not afraid to stand up for themselves.
"Do I like this?  No, I do not."

They're problem-solvers.

They love their Daddy.

They're ambitious.

They're so perky in the morning.

They share.

They're hard workers.

They pay attention to details.

They're playful.

They're innocent.

They have great imaginations.
(He thought there were actual monsters in the Monster cans.)

They have mad skeellz.

They're full of surprises.

They defy gravity.

(That leg was STRAIGHT up in the air - not leaning on anything.)

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