The Undocumented Summer

Unlike last year, we actually had so much fun this summer that I never even GOT to the "Amazing Summer Activities!" idea bag.  We were busy, but not rushed.  We didn't do anything huge, but we always seemed to be doing something fun.  At least - more often than not?

The older kids attended two camps each.  (!!)  We joined the water park and swim, swam, swum.  We attended family film festivals, birthday parties, BBQs, community carnivals, bowled, visited museums, played at parks, studied baby birds in our backyard, grew and harvested a garden, learned music and art - all of the little things that added up to a great vacation in my book.

Jinxie's rules for having a great summer vacation:
1.  Sleep in
2.  Wear pajamas
3.  Take naps

Hmm, okay, so maybe not the best vacation in MY book - but probably the kids' books.

It's a good thing I had my trusty camera with me to catch these small but wonderful moments we shared over the past three months!

Wait . . what?  No camera?  Not at ALL???

Yeah, I failed the picture taking

I'm beginning to doubt that summer happened at all.

Or maybe we actually did something amazing, but have no proof.  Yeah, that trip to Europe - remember that, kids???  Or the time we went on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean?  How do you forget something like that??

Maybe I don't even HAVE kids!!!

So what, then, do I do with these?

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  1. Glad you had a great summer! It went by way too fast. I love the picture of the kids. They look cute and the colors of the photo really stand out. Hope your fall/winter is a good one too :)