Alpha and Omega

This school year marks beginnings and endings.

My first child's last year of high school and living at home.  ::stifled sob::  Statistically, they all move back at some point.  So there's that!

First year, and last year of middle school.  So weird to have two in the same school.

My baby's (hush, he's still a baby!  A baby, I say!) last year of staying home with me.  ::rocks in corner::  He isn't enrolled in a preschool, so the poor little guy has to learn from ME!  Muahhaha . . . so many possibilities, here.

NEXT year I will have one in elementary, one in middle, one in high school and one in college.  So my question to you is:  When do I sign up for therapy?  June?  August?  NOW?

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