Conquering a Pumpkin Patch

A good time was had by all at the annual Jinxieclan trek to the pumpkin patch.  This year we had the best.family.evarrr join us.  I mean look at this:

How could this family NOT be fun?

So this is how you have a great time at a pumpkin patch.  First, find some adorable kids:

Have them bounce

 (Funny thing about this - that tiny little girl OWNED those boys.
She was the one who corralled them together and kept them in line throughout the day.)

(You are NEVER too old to ride a trike!  Surely!)




and zip their way through a fabulous autumn day!

If you're feeling brave, venture into the "Amazing Maze of Maize!" as Scout called it.  Try not to let the Children of the Corn freak you out.

(You want me to WHAT?)

beware of the "Adult of the Corn" too!
(Now that's skerry right there.)

Oh!  And don't forget the pumpkins!

(Some of them are heavy)

As usual, though - you'll find that all of the slides and crafts and hayrides in the world can't compare to an open field

So get your happy feet on
(yes . . he was happy dancing)

and conquer that pumpkin patch!!!!!

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