Freeze Out

Scout had his annual overnight "Freeze Out" camping trip this weekend.  Last year - for his first EVER overnight camping trip of ANY kind - the temp plummeted down to zero.  Yes, zero.  So we were grateful to have such unseasonably warm temperatures THIS year!!!

See how fresh (and flushed) and excited he is??  See how over-dressed he is because his freakishly protective mother insisted he wear five layers even though it felt like he really only needed a light jacket?

Within hours of his departure, we started to see this:

Poor kid.  But he survived!!!  Over-protected Mamas Boys unite!!!!  The cold seems to have numbed his brain, however - all he can remember about the entire trip is that there was a fire, and all he wanted in the world was to get as close to that fire as possible, without actually falling in.

I wanted to get an "after" picture, but he raced through the front door and by the time I turned back around with the camera, he was in the bathroom thawing out.  Ah well.

I did catch some pretty icy picatures from this morning.  This is pure ice, not dripping water:

I guess they call it a "freeze-out" for good reason.

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  1. Brrr... I want to get close to that fire too!