Making Room in the Inn

No pics tonight, but I anticipate plenty on this subject in the near future!

We have six people in our family and three official bedrooms.  Yes, you do the math.  Guy added another "bedroom" of sorts to the basement to allow our firstborn a place to hide from the rest of us spread her wings.  But this still leaves two rambunctious little whirlwind boys sharing one tiny little upstairs room.  It's been. . . okay.  As in: the blood has been minimal.  It definitely isn't ideal.  When they argue, I send them to their room . . . where they continue to argue.  Often at rapidly increasing decibels.  Where's the safe haven??  Hey, I'm not picky . . I'll take "safe from flinging blunt objects."

So as wrecked as I am over the thought of aforementioned firstborn abandoning us next year for college . . .  I can't help but feel a little squee at the thought of an open bedroom to spread out this pack of wild animals a bit.  Next-in-line has also had these very thoughts and began to plan out a complete room transference and makeover in earnest.  Firstborn was, shall I say, "less than thrilled" with ANY plans mapped out a year before her departure.  She pointed out that she wouldn't be gone ALL of the time.  True.  Yes, so true.  I guess I should have realized that.  All or none thinking much?

This "question of the basement bedroom" has been weighing on my mind.  Well, when I remember to weigh it.  I think I have FINALLY come up with a solution!  One of the children . .. at this point I don't care which one . . . but one of them will share the room with firstborn.  That way most of the year, he/she has it to him/herself.  And eldest still has a space when she returns home for holidays and vacation.

I assumed that next-in-line would be the firstborn's choice, forgetting that there is no way in creation they'd EVER agree on room decor.  Firstborn is all about classic colours, Pokemon and superheroes.  Next-in-line is all about sparkle, pink, sparkle, purple, sparkle anydamncolourjustbringonthesparkle.  No, it would never work.  So the obvious answer and what oldest requested when I spoke with her about this very subject, is for the YOUNGEST to share her room.  They both are almost obsessed with superheroes - and most of the time he sleeps in her room, anyway.  They have the brilliant bond that can only be formed with siblings spaced far apart. She is his hero and he is her sidekick.

After profuse promises to Sprout that we WILL give her current room a makeover involving lots of paint and sparkle and shine and "holy crap you'll need to wear shades anywhere near the door, it will be so amazing" assurances, she seemed okay with the situation, as well.  It would be particularly splendiferous if we could accomplish this by, say . . . . her birthday in March.

Yes, I said March.  Stop laughing at me.

Anybody up for a painting party??

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  1. You had me at "the blood has been minimal."

    ♥ this (as always!)