You know how it is.  Everything is going along just peachy keen and all of the sudden you slip right off the tracks.  Not a crash, exactly, but all of your progress comes to a screeching halt and you wonder where in the world you will find the motivation to right yourself and chug away as well as you did previously.

This is where I find myself this week.  Derailed by everything from painful memories and haywire hormones to a husband out of commission.  Then there is the problem of one simple derailment causing further derailments in every other aspect of my life.  Each of those cars IS connected, after all.  So this week, I pretty much wanted to hide away from the world.

But thanks to a brilliant family and stubborn friends who refused to let me cave, I think I'm finally starting to roll out of the station again.

Today was a good day - much purging and organizing in our dungeon basement: Step one of "The Great Room Shuffle of 2012."

And tomorrow promises fun with friends and family at a house I don't have to clean!  What more could I want?

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