We interrupt this life to bring you . . . . a med adjustment.  I apologise in advance for anything I say or do in the next thirty days.

At my doctor appointment today, the conversation went something like this:

Doc:  How are you doing on your current antidepressant?
Me:  Well . . . I get out of bed every morning.
Doc:  (Looking a little concerned) There's more to life than getting out of bed, you know!
Me:  True . . . but I'm not jumping off bridges!  So I think the med is working brilliantly!
Doc:  (Stares)
Doc:  Let's up your dosage a little . . . . 

I also asked about a sleep med because I have this nasty habit of, you know . . . not sleeping.  Hardly at all.  Ever.  He glanced at my chart and lo and behold, there's a med that apparently helps ALLLL of my issues. Like . . all of them.  Except maybe the whole "if you touch me, I keell you" one.  Or that my boobs hang low and they wobble to and fro.  Everything but that.  Yes.

I took my first dose a few hours ago, and I have to say:

Holy woooow, man.  I was a vortex of irritation when I got home tonight and now I feel like nothing could bother me.  Nothing.  Not even the excessive use of ellipses and repeating repeating words that just.won't.stop oozing onto this page. (I didn't see those side effects listed - must look more into this.)  See, it was like this:



Feel the love, man.  If you have anything to tell me, NOW would be the time.

Bring it awwwwwn.  I am now going to trudge off to bed and maybe make a few flower wreaths along the way.

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