Snow Dance

When I awoke this morning, my brain told me (rather rudely, I might add) that we had some rain in the near future.  I'm a walking barometer is what I am.  I managed to drug myself up just enough to head to my friend's house and it began to rain on the way over.  Yup.  Knew it.  I wasn't prepared, however, when white stuff started drifting down:

The kids were over the moon, and snow danced on the deck.  Naturally.

Then Chase was driven with the irresistible urge to dig a big pit in my friend's backyard.  (?)  Maybe he figured the snow was a sign of the apocalypse, and that he'd better get started on that zombie plan?

As for what he's wearing . . . . he's MY kid, what can I say?  Doesn't every boy wear pink rain boots with his black ballet skirt?

Even MORE snow fell:

And by this evening:

Yes, winter has FINALLY arrived.

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