Will Burying my Head in the Sand Make my Butt Look Big?

My 4yo has a girlfriend.  Or "gelfwen" as he calls her.  Seems to me that if you can't SAY "girlfriend" you're entirely too young to HAVE one.

He couldn't have picked a better "gel," even so.  She's a precocious little chatterbox with a great sense of humour and an elfin smile.  What's not to love??  Today she celebrated her fifth birthday, which was a punch-in-the-gut reminder that my own aforementioned littlest man will turn five in April.  Whaaaa?  I just HAD him!  I swear!

And if they're turning five, why that means that next fall . . . . . ::screams at the thought::

While I rush off and bury my head in the sand, here are a few pics of our day:

Ready to par-tay.

This one made me giggle.  I can't imagine what they were looking at.

My biggest little man, who opted out of the preschool birthday party so he could game at a friend's house.  Weird.

Gorgeous sunset this evening, but I wasn't in a very good location to capture it the way I wanted.  I was kind of playing around with the new camera and got this one, no edits.

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